# Is It Really So Difficult To Plan A Wedding During Pandemic? I Got You Covered!

"As always, take care of yourself. Honestly, it’s OK to cry. It’s OK to be angry or to feel a wide range of emotions," says Alison Laesser It's obvious that weddings in the near future are postponed or not happened like it was suppose to. But, do you believe in the saying "Whatever happens, happens for good" ? or does the question pops on your mind that why do we need to gather so many people who we don't even know if they are happy with our marriage or not? Why not have a simple subtle wedding with your closest ones who actually are happy to see you happy?


When you look at a brighter side to it you realise that COVID-19 pandemic helps you to trigger these thoughts. How hard is to plan a small wedding? Well, the main concerns are health risks, guest safety, and, government COVID-19 guidelines, PERIOD! But, have you ever gave it a thought that how fun it could be to plan an intimate wedding with your loved ones? How amazingly you can cherish each moment with each one of them? These questions pop on my mind ever since the pandemic hit our country. I get it when my clients say that what are we going to do? we can't cancel it or postpone it. Nobody is asking you to postpone it. I mean, certainly not my team.


There are many articles on how can you plan a wedding or 5 things you should do while planning your wedding, which are a good read, trust me. It is hard to plan a wedding when you have a vast number of guest lists to take care of. Now look! How many guests you have? 50? 100? God!! I wish to have an opportunity to invite only 50-100 people at my wedding. Believe it or not. You guys want your wedding to be a dream to be cherished forever? Obviously you want that, who doesn't? So, let's make it a dream then. For that you need to gear up to do some exhausting work. Sit in front of your laptop screen. Funny! isn't it?


Yes, you just have to do this because we are providing every solution to you while you're sitting at your home. You don't trust me? You can try for yourself Vows n Views We will help you with your wedding like amazon helps you with your shopping. From planning your guest list to your "Taaro ki chhaao me" DOLI, we've got everything under control. After all, it's all about Bride and Groom and their Families, who definitely need to look beautiful and handsome on D DAY. No wait, on every function right? And stress definitely can't make one look beautiful or handsome, trust me on that. Vows n Views will arrange each vendor keeping your budget in mind with our in house services included for sure!